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Synthetic Lawns

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What Are Synthetic Lawns in Austin, TX?

Synthetic lawns in Austin, TX are lawns that are made out of synthetic, or man-made, materials rather than natural grass. While natural grass lawns may be desirable in many situations, some circumstances will require synthetic materials for a lawn to look its best throughout the course of the year.

One instance where a synthetic lawn in Austin, TX may be beneficial is with sports fields or playgrounds, as these areas will see the hard type of wear that isn't always ideal for natural grass. When natural grass sees hard wear over a long period of time, the grass may not grow in certain areas, the turf underneath may become torn, and the natural landscape will prove unable to hold up to the activity it sees. With a synthetic lawn, however, the soft and often worked ground will remain in its original condition, as synthetic lawns are notably much sturdier than those of natural grass. Also, synthetic lawns will not need cutting, meaning that these areas will remain usable throughout the year with minimal maintenance required.

Another example of the benefit of synthetic lawns is shown in climates that see extreme drought or heat for much of, or some of, the year. In these areas, it may prove very difficult to maintain a natural lawn, as the grass will require too much water or relief from the heat, but a synthetic lawn can handle outdoor heat of any temperature and does not require watering to maintain its beauty or durability!

One of the many great characteristics of today's synthetic lawns in Austin, TX is how real and natural it feels when compared to standard grass. Modern synthetic lawns are made with soft and durable materials that are made to look and feel just like the real thing, but with a fraction of the maintenance and exponentially better durability. A synthetic lawn can withstand what natural lawns cannot, while still retaining all of the aesthetic appeal that a natural lawn has to offer.

There are many types of synthetic lawns a person can choose from to perfectly suit their need, and what is required of a synthetic lawn on a sports field may not be the same as what is needed for a person's back yard. These types of lawns come in a variety of different materials, with or without drainage systems, and with varying levels of padding underneath.

If a person is installing a synthetic lawn in Austin, TX on a playground or a sports field, they may choose to opt for more padding and the installation of a drainage system to keep the field or play area dry. The added padding will allow falls or hard play to occur on the surface of the lawn with minimal risk of injury to the children or athletes, and the addition of drainage will not only keep the lawn in better condition for longer, but it will allow the area to dry out significantly faster than what is found with standard natural grass lawns. This increased drainage means that the area will be made available for play more quickly than what could be experienced with natural grass, allowing sports teams to get their games or practice sessions underway without delay even after heavy rain.

The installation of a synthetic lawn is done in several steps, with some varying depending on just what a person may want out of their land and lawn. For the majority of synthetic lawn installation cases, the first step is building the base of the lawn on-site at a person's desired installation location. These bases are either made of geosynthetic or granular materials and this base provides a solid foundation in which the synthetic lawn will be placed. Once the base is placed, a padded layer and drainage system will then be installed if desired, to allow for a softer ground area with ample drainage. On top of this padding and drainage, the turf is then laid down and seamed together to create a finished and whole look to the lawn, and an infill material is placed between the yarns of the synthetic lawn material. This infill can be made of several different types of materials including silica sand or natural rubber, and the more flexible the infill material, the softer the synthetic lawn will feel.

Synthetic lawns have their specific benefits in both public and residential areas in Austin, TX, with their durability and ample drainage capabilities. The materials used in synthetic lawns will vary depending on a person's specific needs and wants, and those installing synthetic lawns can create an ideal lawn for any customer.